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Themed weddings: wedding in the field + very inspiring photos

If you want to make your wedding photographer happy, tell him that your wedding is rustic chic! since the visual impact is very grateful and differentiating.

We would all like our wedding to be special, original and unique, but when we started with the preparations, sometimes we ran into difficulties. The budget we have may not be enough, and we have to opt for a hotel or wedding hall, quite impersonal. There is also the option of going to specialized farms in the celebration of this type of events, but, besides that they are not usually cheap, the customization options in catering, decoration and other details are sometimes limited and, if we decide, still , make some more personal changes, the budget will skyrocket.


One option, which many times we do not consider or simply do not know, is to celebrate our wedding in a rural house or jacket. If we do not have any family member or friend who has a house in the country and is willing to let us organize the event, we can resort to a rural house. The crisis in the agricultural sector has led many rural houses are open for this type of celebration.

A wedding in a rural house will be much more intimate and personal. Usually only the house is rented, for the days that are needed, having to order the bride and groom of the rest: ceremony, decoration, catering … If you do not have much time or you just lack ideas, you can hire a professional, a wedding planner who It will take care that each detail responds to your wishes. With what you will save in the other details you can afford it!

Probably, an authentic house jacket, will not have an easy access, direct from the highway, you will have to take it into account when organizing both the arrival of the guests and the people who will work for you that day. Primordial, make a plan!
In any case, the ideal is to rent a house with enough rooms so that your guests can sleep there and do it, at least, from a day before the wedding. The price difference will not be much, and this will allow you to turn your special day into a special weekend, and you can enjoy more time of the company of your loved ones. The day before you can organize some activity in the afternoon, for those who arrive on time, a ride on horseback or by bicycle and, at night, organize the pre-wedding dinner in the same house, with fresh products from the land, and culminate the Dinner with a homemade karaoke or playing board games.
Ideally, this type of wedding will be held in the garden, so, depending on where the house is located, avoid the months of rain and cold, and those of excessive heat.

If the ceremony is religious, you can get married in the church of the nearest town, if it is civil, the best thing is to celebrate it in the same house. To mount the altar, you have all the facilities that nature gives us, a pair of trunks decorated with flowers and ethereal fabrics will be enough to create a charming atmosphere. For the attendees rustic wooden chairs, decorated with bouquets of wild flowers. The environment will do the rest.

Okay … you do not like weddings in the country? Are you more hipster or more romantic? so do not miss the new Unionwep wedding search engine called Inspired, a wedding bank, pre-wedding and post-wedding classified by themes and styles. A very complete wedding bank and seen by the Unique Wedding Photography Singapore of Unionwep, it is dangerous, you will surely take hours and hours visiting each post, to enjoy!

The best music remix apps for DJing with your Android

You are with your friends in a little party that you have all ridden. There are drinks and food to satisfy a town. But something is missing and it is a bit of music to set that moment. Either turn that little party with friends at the Ultra Music Festival or just put some music in the background. Well your Android device can help you carry it out.

Within Google Play there are some good applications that can be used without having too much knowledge about mixing songs. A simple interface, two disks on the screen of your Android and easy-to-use effects. That’s how many of us are in the Google app store.

Of course, mobile dj Melbourne also have some more professionals for the most knowledgeable of the subject. In addition, an Android tablet with a music application can be perfect to turn a meeting with friends into a festival.

With these applications you can now become true professionals when you have to play music. We do not take care of the fact that from then on you are “the one of music”.

DJ Studio 5

e started with a well known one in Google Play and it is DJ Studio 5 . It is a very complete and easy to use music mixer. You have two discs in front and a good collection of effects like the distortion to give robot effect , small cuts, etc. It also has a tool to make loops and to equalize the song .

The interface is very careful so that it is easy to use at a glance. With a little time you will be able to mix two songs without much problem. Or at least, interlace two consecutive songs . Also say that it has themes to modify the appearance of the application. Everything to leave it to your liking.

Finally, something that is very surprising in this type of applications, is that it is completely free

Talking about DJ Studio 5 and not talking about this application would be unforgivable. A music mixer like edjing 5 deserves to appear in a compilation like this.

In this application we also find two discs ahead in which to put two songs and mix them. It has BPM settings, sound effects, loops tool and equalizer . The way to use the effects is very interesting since it is in a kind of “pad” where, depending on your finger, dragging it, for example, you can vary the effect. In the video you can see it perfectly.

But if I have to say what I like most about this application is the possibility of using both the music stored on our device and the one we have hosted on other services such as Soundcloud, Deezer, Vimeo, Drive and Dropbox . Very useful for those who have a huge amount of music.

Its most minimalist interface is also very striking. We found many animations to modify the song directly on the platter of the disc and all this helps that with a little time can be handled without problems.

Dj Mixer House

Finally, an application for lovers of house music . With DJ Mixer House Music we can create songs of the house genre from loops captured from songs. By default it has 10 audio files that we can use to create a song or just learn. Your developer says he will work to bring more in the future.

Its interface is comprised of 6 mini-players where we can choose the loop we want and play it so that it is repeated again and again. In this way and combining the different songs that the song brings you can create some other house song. I think it is a little short with only ten samples but for lovers of the genre it will give you a good time of entertainment.

The best games For Blackberry

Greetings my dear friends of the Blackberry community,we know that the Blackberrry system has long ceased to be something only for the business world, and every time it is updated to what the current market demands, we can already see how social networks have taken over our devices, so much so that BBM is now considered a social platform, but yes or no, sometimes we need something more!

and by saying something else! I mean something that reminds us of old times, like those times of the nintendo, when in the leisure time he had a great time!

Well, my friends, being part of this great community of Blackberry users and considering that for our devices there are very few games that can be found easily, besides being fun and free, I have given myself the task of getting them for you, after visiting many pages where most games were available for operating systems other than Blackberry and available for downloads from the PC, take my blackberry as a guinea pig and install many games to my device to test the compatibility of them and test them, once tested and seeing that they work well, create the OTA links of each game, so that they can download them without any problem from the native browser of their SmartPhone Blackberry,and it is so I allow myself to present you this compilation of the best games, Enjoy it!

The game of the movie starring Hugh Jackman, X-Men Origins: Wolverine now on our Blackberry !

It’s an action adventure in which you have to escape from Stryker’s laboratory, fighting your army of soldiers, going through obstacles by eliminating your opponents with their steel claws, but do not worry that Wolverine has regenerative powers to fight with soldiers armed!

Command Keys:

 Activate numeric keypad of the QWERTY keyboard of your Blackberry.

– Press number 1 to: Jump backwards.

– Press number 2 to: Jump up.

– Press number 3 to: Jump forward.

– Press number 4 to: Walk backward.

– Press number 5 to: Hit your opponent.

– Press number 6 to: Walk forward.

– Press number 8 to: Crouch down.

– Press number 0 to: Protect yourself


The game initially has been tested in Blackberry 9780 with OS 6, if you try to download it in another Blackberry PGP model and have error in the download or in turn in the development of the game, it is because it is not compatible simply delete it by going to Options / Device / Application Administration, locate the menu / delete game.

The game could be said to be a BETA, which is why it is your responsibility to download it.



 Bionic Commando Rearmed v.3.0.2

Sequel to the retro-cut side-scrolling game released in 2008, where Nathan Spencer and his bionic arm face the most risky mission of their career: prevent the Wise General, a new villain, from wiping out the world after deploying a brutal missile attack .

Command Keys:

Press the A key to: Walk backward

Press the D key to: Walk forward

Press the S key to: Crouch and to release when it is engaged.

Press the L key to: Shoot

Press the Y key to: Throw hook to the front.

Press the I key to: Throw hook up

Press the U key to: Throw the hook up forward.


The game initially has been tested in Blackberry 9780 with OS 6 , if you try to download it in another Blackberry model and have error in the download or in turn in the development of the game, it is because it is not compatible simply delete it by going to Options / Device / Application Administration, locate the menu / delete game.

The game could be said to be a BETA, which is why it is your responsibility to download it

Well friends, this is the first Blackberry Game Pack that I have prepared, until the Blackberry developers make free games for our devices. I will see what I can get on the wed and share it with you.

Games for locksmiths

Being a locksmith is not necessarily a boring job. There is limited interaction with customers to keep a locksmith in touch with the human side of the company. The work receives the locksmith approach. The route offers stimulation. Technological changes and education to keep up with the times provides mental growth. So, what about the fun? Even these mentally minded mechanical elements of our community like to have fun. The challenge of picking blocks is seen as a game for some locksmiths. As they grow in their experience, they are able to take on more complicated tasks. It is said that a locksmith sees a lock like a puzzle. A locksmith plays a role in the game called World of War Craft, opening boxes on the trading screen. A game called Decipher the code allows the locksmith to click on the numbers and enter until the combination is correct.

Scrape Cleaner is an online game with Bob the locksmith heidelberg. There is also a Kensington Lock Picking game online flash free. Gridlock is another fun online game for block pickers that offers three difficulty levels to suit beginners to the most experienced. A board game that refers to the locksmith trade called Break the Safe. It’s a fairly new game created by Forrest-Puzan Creative. Players have to work as a team to find the keys, disarm the traps, and evade the guard dogs. On a larger scale, locksmiths can join in a Dutch Open lock-picking competition in the Dutch town of Sneek. This offers intellectual stimulation and fun for any locksmith or block picker lucky to participate. Some of the most outstanding block pickers in the world attend this event. Another great event for locksmiths and locksmiths is carried out by the International Locksport. DEFCON 14 workshops, talks, tool sales, speed competitions, toolmaking and demonstrations for the pleasant event that welcomed fans as well as professionals. Lock Picking A Pogoda will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, in April 2008 for locksmiths and block picking fans.

Featured are its regular American locks, Chinese knock-offs, cabinet locks, and high security locks. Cracking safety is also on the agenda to present a challenge to those who are brave enough to give it a try. The locksmiths They are not the only ones who enjoy locksmith events, games and clubs. There are people who enjoy learning about locks and how they work just for the fun of it. It can be rewarding to burst the secrets of the security companies and those of the manufacturers. This is not necessarily a bad idea. This is a challenge to show these types of companies where their vulnerabilities are located so that improvements can be made. People who learn to open locks are not just criminally minded individuals. Although this possibility exists, it is only part of the group of people interested in this trade. Locksmiths do, of course, enjoy other activities in addition to blocking picking games and events.

Wholesale HCG Diet Game Programs Legacy Health Groups

hcgdietinfo.net has introduced a standard product that helps every human being, whether male or female, to lose weight in a given period of time. The products are manufactured in US laboratories HCG

HCG but id distribution of demand worldwide, that’s why Health Group Legacy is one of the distributors that took the trouble to provide people with this magical diet.

Most people in the world want to get a number that envy others. Take many diet plans and vigorous exercise, but not many can continue their training regimens due to many reasons. HCG is the company that has understood the problem and came up with a solution, the HCG diet. Legacy Health Group is a registered distributor and has been approved by the FDA for the supply of HCG.

HCG is a dietary product that helps a person control hunger, improve digestion, support the endocrine system, regulate appetite and normalize metabolism. It also helps people shed weight retention. Grupo Legado de Salud is located in the United States and is responsible for showing people with drops, HCG HCG pills and pellets. Private label HCG has a packet of HCG or HCG kit, which includes HCG pills, HCG drops or tablets, HCG diet HCG and HCG pills. The advantage of the Legacy Health group is that they provide all the equipment after the weekly programs, which are 23 day program kit, game program for 43 days, workshops seminars, etc. HCG Legacy Health groups are one of the most famous and while than the offer of all products that ensure quality.

Dr. Simeons created the HCG diet that says you should consume 500 calories a day, and there are HCG plus HCG drops and pellets. You can buy these products on wholesale Health HCG HCG Group inheritance at a very affordable price, and you can also order online, which is completely safe and protected. Legacy Health Group is a company that has a solution for weight loss and feel good with the high demand calendar in the HCG kit with good HCG pharmaceutical quality. It provides all products that are painless products and alcohol.

Legacy Health Group is a wholesale distributor of HCG at a very low cost and affordable price compared to doctors or other distributors who supply the same kit from € 700. The game or program provided by the group Legacy helps to lose 1-3 pounds a day over HCG HCG, pellets and the HCG diet.

Born to be alive, a video game to play!

Fear of giving birth? Not serious, as of January 2013 we can simulate our delivery on the site Mid-Atlantic OBGYN. Specifically, we can “play” to give birth, and this, in 3D ladies!

On the program the management of the contractions, the arrival at the maternity, the management of the labor then the delivery. Through the sequences, we can interact with our avatar Camille, choose her position during labor and delivery or what massages her darling does to relieve her.I am surprised that the extension “The Sims to Maternity” Has not yet been marketed …
Obviously, this program brings a lot of information on this great moment and is very pedagogical. This makes it possible to become familiar with the world of maternity and the unfolding of a childbirth.

Better than a preparation at birth? Certainly not since the program still has its limits: impossible to interact live with an expert, no sharing of questions / doubts with other future mothers, no practical exercise …

To make the best use of a computer, be it before, during or after your pregnancy, never forget to install yourself in a correct position.
Follow these tips:

  • Take regular breaks, and do not forget to take a few steps. A 10-minute break every hour is usually recommended, but do not hesitate to relax more often during pregnancy if you have the opportunity.
  • Install, adjust your chair and your screen so that the posture is comfortable. Your eyes should be on the same level as the top of the screen. Your forearms should be laid horizontally, the wrist straight and supple. Be careful of your back : it must be well supported , your feet flat on the floor or raised on a small footrest.
  • Arrange your keyboard, mouse, screen and working documents so that you do not have a glare or need to turn or bend your head to view the computer.
  • Consult your ophthalmologist if necessary. If you wear contact lenses, they may become unpleasant to wear during pregnancy, as water retention can alter the shape of your eyeballs. You may also suffer from dry eye syndromes. Wearing glasses to work on screen could help.

Good news for those who are afraid to give birth because Camille does not scream, the birth is done very smoothly, a bit like the land of bisounours

A video game that puts kids on a diet

Doctors develop an application so that the children of the house learn to eat while they play


Childhood obesity threatens to become one of the health problems of the coming decades. Children are increasingly turning to junk food and a sedentary diet that is often driven by new technologies. Added to this is the fact that television bombards households with ads of very appetizing products, but high in sugar, fats or other ingredients that make them bad for health.

This epidemic causes that the children of the house are at greater risk to suffer diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, asthma, joint problems, among others. The pediatrician is usually the first specialist to realize the problem and the one who has the key to guide him. In addition, new technologies can also educate in healthy habits and encourage physical exercise. How? The answer is Moving Star, a mobile application that helps children learn to eat while they are playing.

Developed by Dr. Inés Mulero and Rosario Bachiller, and the head of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of the Hospital Clínico de Valladolid, Daniel de Luis, this nutritional education tool tries to checkmate childhood obesity. “It is very simple and allows daily control of food and physical exercise that the child does,” explains De Luis.
The first step is the register in which you have to include a series of data such as name, age, weight and height (size). He also asks about what he has done during the day and what he has eaten. Once access is allowed, the child encounters two different sets. On the one hand, an astronaut who picks up healthy food and dodges those that are harmful to health. As he captures “the good guys in the movie,” he gets lives,

The other is based on physical activity. He travels on a space rocket and dodging meteorites and when he gets to the stars there are questions like: ‘Which dish has more calories? One serving of pizza, six croquettes, one serving of potato omelette or five ’empanadillas’; ‘How have you consumed more energy? Climbing stairs, sweeping, making the bed or sitting on the couch watching TV ‘; Or ‘What is the healthiest food? A hamburger or a salad ‘. “As the answers are correct, you get more lives and more points and you get motivated because you go up as well as you learn that the food that comes out in TV advertising is not as healthy as you want us to believe,” says the boss. Of Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of the Hospital Clínico de Valladolid.

The application is part of the doctoral thesis of Inés Mulero, pediatric endocrinologist at the Hospital Río Hortega in Valladolid, where they want to validate the scientific method. He is currently in the recruitment phase. Some kids will follow only dietary recommendations, and another group will support these tips with this free app available for both iOS and Android. “There are no official data yet, but all the families that have downloaded it are delighted,” says Daniel de Luis. The final objective is to see if with this video game is achieved that children adhere more to the diet.

The main advantage, in his opinion, is that healthy Milagro Pastillas messages are introduced while having fun, which is “very positive” and helps prevent this scourge. He insists that it is important to weigh yourself every day and keep a diary in which you note both the exercise of the day and the food you have eaten. “All this is done before I start playing,” he says.

Apart from serving the doctor to control, the mobile application makes it possible to know how many kilocalories (energy) are consumed. They also resolve nutritional doubts and earn lives.
According to the Aladino study, the prevalence of overweight among Spanish children is 25% and obesity is 18%. Compared to the results of the previous work, there was a “little improvement”. In the words of Daniel de Luis is a “positive”, but “do not let your guard down”. And is that the problems of excess of weight affect 43% of the children between 7 and 8 years. “A terrible problem, the most serious consequence of which is diabetes. Now we are 14-year-olds with this disease caused by obesity, “he says.

In this sense, it points out that there is a difference “very curious” according to sex: “The results show that although there is a similar prevalence in overweight, child obesity is higher in children than in girls”, he emphasizes.
The conclusions of this study indicate that some risk factors associated with this disease are: watching television more than two hours a day, sleeping less than eight hours, not having breakfast, low income parents, spending many hours in front of the computer And the low educational level of families.

Moving Star is an application that has already been presented at the Colegio Apostolado del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús in Valladolid. In fact, the head of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of the Hospital Clínico hopes that it can be made known in other educational centers. “We can not afford to be obese and this app educates at the same time that the child has fun.”

How to Remove Dust from a Gamer’s Room

Did you ever finish sweeping your playing room just to realize that the dust had returned? Of course, it is quite annoying not to be able to eliminate and can’t play your favorite games because of that…

Did you ever finish sweeping your room just to realize that the dust had returned? Of course, it is quite annoying not to be able to remove dust from your room. More especially if you have respiratory problems or allergies, it is not a good idea to have dust in the house. But, the dust will always be there, and all we can do is learn how to dust the room. Keeping your room clean will make it a safe place.


Minimize the frequency of opening doors and windows Your home
‘s doors and windows function as access points for dust. Be more practical when it comes to opening and closing doors and windows. Open them only when you feel it necessary. With these closed points, you will notice the difference in the amount of dust entering the house.Take out carpets Carpets
may look great on floors, but in turn, they accumulate a lot of dust and allergens. You can remove the dust from your room by removing the carpets. It is difficult to imagine how much dust a carpet can accumulate especially if you do not vacuum very often. Instead of carpet, use carpets to cover the floor. Anyway, they may also gather dust. If possible, replace carpets in your room with tile or wood.

Vacuum Regularly Sweeping
your room will only remove surface dust. If you do not pass the GoSu vacuum cleaner , dust will continue to build up in areas you will not even notice. Remove dust from your room by vacuuming at least once a week. If you have more time to vacuum, pass it to keep your area clean at all times. Even if you do not have a carpet in your room, dust may accumulate under the furniture. It is best to look good and try to clean as thoroughly as possible using the vacuum cleaner and the corresponding tools to help make the cleaning process easier.

Wear gloves, not rags
. Surfaces should be cleaned regularly. If there are parts of your room that require manual cleaning , wear gloves to do so. Never use a cloth as these are not used to clean areas that are difficult to reach. In addition, if you wear gloves, you will not leave digital coals on surfaces. The dust can be collected much more easily with the use of furniture wax. You can also use wet paper towels to remove dust.

Install an Air Purifier
If cleaning is not enough, try installing an air purifier that helps filter out dirt and dust. It can be expensive, but works very well for those who want to make sure their room is clean.

The good reasons to make a mask while playing games this winter

Fragile by the cold and perhaps more sensitive and stressed, our face demands relaxation for a few minutes. His cute sin: the mask that feeds his skin gently. The novices have many good reasons to do so.


To each his mask

The mask fits very well into the beauty routine because it is complementary to other treatments. Once a week, it diffuses into the epidermis a concentrate of benefits (moisturizers, radiance, tensors, exfoliators, etc.) in a few minutes. The skin assimilates with gourmandise and deeper the active ones than the conventional treatments. And it turns out once the mask “fell”.

Easy relaxation

One does not always have the opportunity or the means to offer a face care to the esthetician. At home, we take advantage of this “masked” break to enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing. Many brands offer masks to organic or natural assets of quality to improvise a spa “home made”. We welcome with pleasure this invitation to let go and relaxation. In her bath or comfortably sitting in an armchair, one closes her eyes and meditates. We listen to her breathing and relax.

Allied with other care

Discreet, the mask fits blithely into the beauty routine. It is done after a scrub once a week to oxygenate a little more the pores. A purifying mask will apply before its moisturizing care for example. Complementary, the mask will reinforce the action of other cosmetics by making the skin more receptive to these.

One can also enjoy the laying of his mask to perform another slimming gesture, such as making his palpate-roll thighs to prevent cellulite.

One moment detox

Aggressed and stressed by the pollution of the cities, excesses of food, alcohol or tobacco, facial skin deserves, like our organism, to be punctually a mini-cure detox. A detoxifying mask will rebalance the epidermis and erase the signs of fatigue.

For skin that is thirsty

Need a hydration bath? The moisturizing masks (in cream texture) relieve and bring an oxygen bubble to the skins torn and dried by the changes of temperature.

Applied in a thick layer and placed for 15 minutes, the active agents penetrate intensely into the epidermis that they fill and soothe. Regular use (once a week), the skin becomes more resistant and less reactive.

The trick that changes everything: for optimal hydration, you leave your mask in a thin layer overnight. It is indeed at night that the skin cells regenerate.

For asphyxiated skins

The skin that tends to shine, with combination to oily imperfections, need a purifying pilaten mask that removes impurities and controls shine. After 10 minutes, once or twice a week, the skin texture is refined and the complexion appears cooler and rested.

The trick shines: one boosts the effectiveness of the purifying mask by preceding it of a facial sauna. For this, the face is placed for 5 minutes above a steam bath, which will open the pores recommends a Caudalie wine therapist.

Against the dark eyes

More and more eye contour masks are out on the market. We appreciate their good-looking action that blurs the fine lines and smoothes the dark circles that betray our fatigue.

Top 5 games to get fit

The promises and resolutions for the new year coming have become a tradition in our culture. In this sense, almost all mortals in our country aim to achieve a particular achievement as a challenge to face with enthusiasm and expectations the next 365 days. Quit smoking, go talk to that girl that we like, finish us this game, be closer to family, pay more attention to children … and so endless proposals are irrelevant specify here.

However, there is a resolution that always sneaks into the Top Ten in our country: get in shape . And video games, how could it be otherwise, they can help us achieve our perfectly ideal weight. With this in mind, from VaDeJuegos we present some suggestions to lose weight with our console . If the routines seriously and perseverance are taken, these exercises can be as valid as any gym.Or at least, they can serve as a complement .

As always, we encourage you to enriquezcáis the text with your own contributions in the comments at the bottom of this news.

Zumba Fitness Core

Developer : Zoe Mode

Platforms : Wii, Xbox 360
Release : November 2012

The method Zumba is one of the methods of fitness that has grown in recent years. Its combination of traditional methods with dancing has caused a furor in gyms around the globe. And how could it be otherwise, the official video game has enjoyed similar success. Consequently, to get in shape in 2013, nothing better than his last delivery .

The game features 40 songs, 17 of which are brand new and exclusive to Zumba

The game features 40 songs , both classic and modern. 17 of which are brand new and exclusive to the Zumba method. The creator of Zumba, Beto, return with your favorite teachers: Gina Grant and Tanya Beardsley. And as news, we have the presence of Loretta Bates and Nicholas Logrea , and new dance routines, class locator, achievements and leaderboards in the version for Xbox 360 .

Just Dance 4

Developer : Ubisoft Paris
Platforms : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U
Launch : October 2012 (November WII U)

We must not forget that fitness is not the only method to lose weight with our consoles. Zumba’s success has shown that dancing is an equally valid method to burn calories . And if ours is just dance, leaving aside pure fitness routines, there is no better choice than the Just Dance series. More specifically, its latest installment: Just Dance 4 .

And of course, let’s not forget the Gangnam Style’s exclusive Just Dance 4

This fourth installment improves all aspects of its predecessors, eliminating what did not work. And as news, we have the new Battle, new unlockable mode routines for themes and, in the case of Wii U , the Puppet mode , which allows a player to change the dance routines at will with Wii U Game Pad. And of course, let ‘s not forget the Gangnam Style ‘s exclusive Just Dance 4.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013

Developer : Ubisoft
Platform : Wii U
Launch : November 2012

Having listened to dance and the combination of dance and fitness, it’s time to take a look at a game of pure fitness . Maybe the Wii U take us very little time.However, beyond the classic Wii Fit Plus is fully compatible with the new system of Nintendo , the new Wii U already has in its catalog with a great game for sports , specifically developed to take advantage of their unique characteristics.

The game features more than 125 exercises and 200 movements

This is Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 , final installment of the saga Your Shape, which debuted in Wii and whose last two deliveries have been exclusive to Xbox 360 and sensor Kinect . The game features 125 exercises and more than 200 movements . And we can create specific training plans based on our goals and weight. One option to consider if we have a Wii U at home.

Move Fitness

Developer : Coldwood Interactive
Platform : PlayStation 3
Release : November 2011

Those owners of a PlayStation 3 should not feel disappointed not to have a Wii U. And the Sony system also features a game specifically designed to develop fitness at home. It is called Move Fitnnes and, as its name suggests, makes use of the controls with sensitivity to movement PlayStation Move . In fact, we need two years to run smoothly.

With Move Fitness we can design exercise plans as we will be forced to exercise our whole body

As in the case of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 with Move Fitness we design exercise plans as force us to exercise our whole body . We can hit targets, propinar combos of punches and improve our times with the precision ofPlayStation Move . And as icing, we can compete with our online friends via PlayStation Network , or train together and compare who progresses more rapidly.

Nike + Kinect Training

Developer : Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios
Platform : Xbox 360
Release : October 2012

We close this special dedicated to fitshop review video games with an exclusive for Xbox 360 and its Kinect sensor. The guys at Sumo Digital , in collaboration with Nike and Microsoft Studios, bring us a very complete game, and adds an interesting element: the NikeFuel Points . For those who do not know, say that these NikeFuel Points are a unit of measure used to evaluate and quantify athletic performance .

We can track daily of our business and get personalized exercise plans

As we train more, we will accumulate more NikeFuel Points, which will help us to compete with other players and reach the highest levels in the leader board. Similarly, we can perform daily monitoring of our business and get personalized exercise plans . And all without taking a single command. Just with the movement of our body.

And you?
Do you use the console to ejercitaros? Do you Yourely on any of these games? Do not be corteisand share your experiences with us atbottom of this news.

It makes me a coffee, and Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo made a mistake with Wii brand . Perhaps might sound outrageous phrase seeing the overwhelming numbers of console sales, figures have given to the white box, against all odds, half the current market desktop, but I’m not talking about that, of Indeed, they are concepts that can coexist.

Look at the names of previous machines Company: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Nintendo , Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Gamecube have always been associated with the name of the company.That detail created affiliation, community, followers of one generation to another. Wii has managed to get into millions of homes where there hasnever been a console. What is the problem? Most new users that acquisition related with Nintendo.

Do the test, Abandon few hours during holidays in a mall. You will remain amazed with phrases like this by the majority of customers looking for a console or video game: ‘How much is a Wii, and Nintendo? Where are the Nintendo games? No, not the Wii, the Nintendo ‘ . You guessed it , the novice user, father, grandmother, have in mind that Nintendo is equal to DS, DSi, DSi XL or 3DS and Wii is … something else.


Within minutes the Nintendo conference will begin at E3 2011 . Then it will be revealed the official name of what we know now as Project Café . Dismissing that name is Wii 2 or Wii HD (concepts that would not do justice to the supposed evolution that wants to represent the new invention) the company Kyoto will have to make an extra effort for the millions of new players emerged under Wii continue associating both machines, remain potential customers.

Perhaps it is logical that Wii was presented at the time as something new without past because of the results downward Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. A clear case in that sense we have with SEGA , who disassociated his mark Dreamcast to bad harvested for fame in previous years (Mega CD, Megadrive 32X) will not hurt the way that stupendous machine. What was the problem with SEGA ? Then whoever bought that game was the regular player, so it was impossible to fool with that ruse. Yes, Dreamcast unfairly he paid for past sins.

If Wii and Project Cafe have a link, Nintendo would save millions on advertising.Half the work would be done. You may see the time to rectify and re-associate with Nintendo video games as happened in the late 80s and early 90s The problem this time is that the potential audience may only have the Wii at home, perhaps a Nintendo DS or PSP for children. How do you re-capture the attention of those millions of buyers? How will you say, ‘we are the same as before, trust us again’ .Perhaps thanks to a mustachioed plumber and is like family.

¿Nintendo redeem its own name as a trademark? Would that be a new signal to players of all life? But if so how then you keep newcomers? Would it be enough to pull pets and celebrities? We will leave doubts soon as I go to prepare a reviews of espresso machines.

Fun with the coffee machine that prints the faces of the players

Technology expanded its presence in the most famous and oldest tennis tournaments. A machine “print” on coffee foam face who drink it.

With absolute certainty arguably he became the Wimbledon tournament world’s most prestigious tennis. Not only for being the oldest of all events, but as a Grand Slam that achieves a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.
Among the technological advances that have come to the tournament this year, one of the most popular has been the coffee machine rental for offices that “prints” in the foam face of those who drink it.
This system meant that fans are oriented towards the popular drink, not only to enjoy but also to gloat displaying the image to be drawn on the contents of the glass. Other bars appealed to this technology and in those cases are different types of drawings that appear on the surface of the coffee. But the bet was beyond Wimbledon.
And like the other alternatives, the machine Lavazza company not only serves the faces of customers, but any image that is loaded into the system previously.
This way fans can drink coffee style “Roger Federer”, “Novak Djokovic” or any tennis star of their choice.

English practice with your console

Sometimes, proposed on como aprender ingles em pouco tempo is a rather tedious and cumbersome task.

However, thanks to portable consoles, we can turn this task in a pleasant and fun activity. With the added value that we can use it whenever and wherever we want. There are many games that allow us to improve the mastery with language.Let us review some of them.

Training for Nintendo DS Inglés

The dynamics of this game is quite simple. When we start playing is assigned a virtual teacher who will guide us through all the exercises and activities that we propose the console.Before you start playing, we performed a test to know our level of English and, from there, a wide range of possibilities that will help us improve our knowledge of English opens.

This game has been approved by the body Inglés Testing Service (ETS), which manages the same test TOEFL and TOEIC .

My expert in English for Nintendo DS

It’s another simple game dynamic. To start playing, we are required by a placement test to determine the level of English we have. By creating our profile, we will propose a series of daily challenges in different language areas such as grammar or spelling. By completing all activities, recommended we stop the game until the next day, helping the brain to retain what they have learned.

Practise Inglés for Nintendo DS

It is similar to the previous two, with the difference that incorporates more visual Practise Inglés minigames that make it even more enjoyable game.

English for beginners easy for Nintendo DS

While the three games discussed above are aimed at users who already have some knowledge of the language and aimed to strengthen and refresh their knowledge, this game is designed for people who have very basic knowledge of English.

The game is divided into four areas with four levels of difficulty each. Upon completion of each level, a timed test that capture the knowledge gained is proposed. Once you have passed all levels, you will have to pass a final test.

PlayEnglish for PSP

It is probably the most graphic game of the four that have been proposed. This game for the portable version of the Play Station is a whole adventure in which the player must demonstrate his knowledge with the English to go solving mysteries and go forward in the game.

Video games and water. Weight Loss Diet

Video games used to lose weight is evident for any player. We all know the physical effort and mental that involves moving certain titles. But … what about the water?

Video games and Water , Water and video games, both are the best there is to get stay as a sylph. Do we want to lose weight, we want to be irresistible? Yes? Well aware of the output of the next – generation consoles, Xbox One and PS4  coming out on 22 and 29 November 2013. We bought the two, and a pack of games for each, and to start playing, I mean start the Daniel’s 3 week diet review .


Water and video games are two elements that can not be missing in our diet. The “scientific” explanation gives us the specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitationat the University Hospital of Burgos Sergio Fuentes. In therapy sessions, patients, those who have eating disorders, mobility problems, sprains, etc. requiring a rehabilitation process, they practice with video games.

The effectiveness of these therapies compared to conventional techniques, is almost the same. Fundamentally, the philosopher ‘s stone that speeds recovery of patients is their integration / fusion treatment . The fun motivates them to continue long – term treatment. Besides home they can continue practicing with their consoles.

I forgot … A group of German scientists has shown that drinking lots of water accelerates the process of thinning. And it does not hurt also eat a balanced way, and do some daily exercise.

The honor of the Samurai. Hara-Kiri or Seppuku.

Seppuku or hara-kiri is the Japanese term used for suicide by disembowelment ritual or evisceration (hara kiri is abdomen and cut).

Hara 1In Japanese ‘hara-kiri’ it is not commonly used, as such term is considered vulgar and grotesque, it is more correct to use the word seppuku.It was a common practice among the samurai, they regarded her life as a delivery to the honor of dying gloriously, rejecting any kind of natural death. So, before seeing his life dishonored by a crime or offense, they resorted to this act to be death. The practice of forcing death by seppuku by order of a master is known as Oibara or junshi;the ritual is similar.


Avoid dishonor

For the Samurai, death meant a matter of honor, and death by old age and natural causes was not desirable. As the ancient Greeks believed, a noble, early and violent death was a sign of predilection of the gods, his ideal was “living beautifully and die beautifully.” Hence the adoption of cherry blossom as an emblem of Samurai … beautiful and ephemeral. One day in full bloom, the next day I killed by the storm.

“To live happily ever after” was a completely foreign concept and remains in modern Japanese literature.However, deliberately seek death was a sign of cowardice and escapism. A remarkable man would live his life as a noble could and only in certain prescribed circumstances could resort to Seppuku or Hara-kiri (literally meaning “belly cut”) as an honorable escape mode. These circumstances referred to avenge friends, pay a crime or mistake, or avoid dishonor.

The rite of seppuku

Seppuku was a key part of bushido, the code of the samurai warriors. The Seppuku could be voluntary, used by warriors to avoid falling into enemy hands or to expiate a fault code of honor, or compulsory, mandated by a Shogun or tribunal if a samurai committed a crime of murder, robbery or corruption. In this case, it communicated to the samurai a period to perform seppuku, and not occur proceeded to decapitate the prisoner.
Prior to committing seppuku sake he drank and a last farewell poem called zeppitsu or yuigon, consisted almost always on back of tessen or war fan. In the rite of seppuku, the samurai stood on his knees and sank a short sword (wakizashi or both) on the left side of the abdomen, continuing the cut to the right, back to center and effected a turn to climb the cutting path , to the sternum. Curiously, the samurai seppuku effected had to hold the wakizashi or both using a cloth to prevent splashing hands, and to die with blood on his hands was a disgrace. While the warrior effected seppuku, a fellow kaishaku remained standing beside him, and if he saw it suffer too, cut off his head. The term kaishaku is not the equivalent of an executioner, but of a gentleman who attends the realization of seppuku (in many cases is a position held by a relative or friend of the condemned).

harakiri cutting head


Women who followed the bushido performed a similar practice called jigai. The main difference with seppuku is that a cut is made in the neck, the carotid artery seccionándose dagger with a double-edged blade called Kwaiken. Previously, she was tied with a rope ankles to avoid the disgrace of dying with open legs falling.

The story of the 47 Ronin

Seppuku form an essential part of the history of the “47 Ronin,” the most important literary works of medieval Japan, immortalized by kabuki. The plot of the story is this:

Two daimyo (feudal lords) called Asano and Kira were in court and emerged a discussion, in which Kira insulted Asano, who drew his wakizashi and wounded Kira. Since it was forbidden to unsheathe any weapon in the imperial court, Asano was sentenced to commit sepukku, which 47 samurais of which he was daimyo became ronin (samurai who lacked a gentleman whose service delivered).

The 47 Ronin decided to avenge his master and, after a planning year, were introduced in Kira’s mansion one night, demanding that he also carried out with the same wakizashi seppuku had used Asano. Since Kira refused, they cut off his head and placed on the grave of Asano, in Sengaku-ji Temple.

By this act, the 47 Ronin were convicted by the Shogun to commit seppuku as a way to restore his honor (because of the crime of murdering a daimyo) and were buried in the temple of Sengaku-ji at the grave of his master.

Junshi Oibara or seppuku by order of Emperor

E1 Seppuku was also institutionalized under a formal state of execution that allowed the victim to retain his honor by beating itself to death.
In most cases the harakiri called mandatory, the imperial statement was accompanied by a dagger richly decorated for it was used as an instrument of suicide. The offender will be granted a certain number of days to prepare for the ceremony. At home the noble offender, or a temple, a stage that was covered with red carpets rose, see more carpet design and cleaning. As we begin the final act, the nobleman, dressed in ceremonial attire and assisted by a group of officers and friends, he took his place on the dais. His knees, said his prayers, received the dagger hands of the representative of the emperor and publicly confessed his guilt; then, stripping to the waist, he plunged the dagger into the left side of the abdomen, slowly moving toward the right side and effected a slight upward incision. At the last moment, a friend or family beheaded the dying nobleman.Then it was customary to send the bloodied dagger to the emperor as proof of the death of the noble by this method. If the offender voluntarily made the harakiri, ie, acted according to the dictates of his guilty conscience rather than by order of the emperor, his honor was considered restored and all their possessions passed into the hands of his family. Conversely, if the harakiri had been ordered by the emperor, half of the deceased ‘s possessions were confiscated by the state.

Currently Seppuku

The Seppuku as judicial punishment was officially banned in Japan in 1873, although the practice of seppuku did not finish at all. They have documented dozens of cases people who have made voluntary seppuku since then, including several military in 1895 to protest the return of a conquered territory to China, the General Maresuke Nogi (educator of Emperor Hirohito) and his wife to death emperor Meiji in 1912, and many soldiers and civilians who chose to die rather than accept surrender after World War II.

In 1970, the famous writer Yukio Mishima and one of his followers held a public seppuku after a failed attempt to incite the army to carry out a coup. Mishima realized his seppuku in the office of General Kanetoshi Mashita. His kaishaku, a 25-year-old named Masakatsu Morita, tried three times unsuccessfully to behead him. Finally, it was Hiroyasu Koga who performed the decapitation. Later, Masakatsu Morita tried to make his own seppuku. Although their cuts were too shallow to be fatal, he signaled to Koga so that also decapitate him.

In 1999, Masaharu Nonaka, an employee of Bridgestone in Japan, the abdomen was stabbed to protest his forced at age 58 retirement age. He died later in a hospital because of injuries.

Narration as this ritual suicide snub

The following account of a conventional Seppuku is registered in Tales of Old Japan, Mitford (later Lord Redesdale).

“We were invited – Seven foreigners to accompany the Japanese to deep or main hall of the temple, which was to be performed the ceremony was witnessed by representatives breathtaking scenery. A large living room high ceiling supported by wooden pillars dark. The ceiling hung a huge variety of lamps of tinsel and ornaments peculiar to Buddhist temples. Given the high altar and on the floor, covered with beautiful white mats, and a height of eight or ten feet off the ground, he lays a carpet of scarlet felt. Long candles placed at regular intervals projected a strictly enough to allow them to be seen and mysterious procedures diffuse light. Seven Japanese took their places to the left of the floor up, and seven foreigners on the right. They were the only ones.

“After an interval of a few minutes of intense excitement, Taki Zenzaburo, stocky man of thirty-two years old, he entered the room. with an air of nobility, attired in ceremonial dress, with wings peculiar hemp cloth used for special occasions. He was accompanied by a kaishaku and three officers, who wore the jimbaori, or breastplate of gold tissue war front. We note that the word kaishaku not equate the executioner term. E1 title is a gentleman; and in many cases it is a position held by a relative or friend of the condemned; and the relationship between them is rather that of a principal and second than that of victim and executioner. In this case, the kaishaku was a disciple of Taki Zenzaburo, and was selected for his skill in fencing among the friends of the latter. “Taki Zenzaburo with kaishaku inched his left towards the Japanese witnesses; they bowed before them and then approached us and greeted in the same way, though perhaps more consideration; in each case, the greeting was reciprocated ceremoniously. E1 condemned ascended slowly and great dignity to the raised floor, prostrated himself before the altar twice up and sat on the felt carpet with his back to the altar, and kneeling on his left kaishaku. Then he moved one of the three official assistants, carrying a lectern employees in the temple to make offerings.On the lectern was the wakizashi, the short sword or dagger Japanese twenty-four centimeters long, with a tip and a sharp edge such as a razor. Prostrating, he gave the condemned, who received it with reverence, lifting up his head with both hands, and put before him.

“After another profound obeisance, Taki Zenzaburo, with a voice that reflected great emotion and hesitation as expected in a man who made a painful confession; but firm in his face and his attitude, spoke as follows:

“I, and I alone, unjustifiably gave the order to shoot foreigners in Kobe and again I did when trying to escape. For this crime I unraveled and beg to present you do me the honor of witnessing the act. ”

“E1 who spoke let his upper clothes to slide up his belt, bowing once again, and was stripped to the waist.Carefully, according to custom, he picked up his sleeves under his knees to avoid falling back; because a noble Japanese gentleman should die falling forward. He took a firm hand and determined the dagger in front of him; He looked thoughtfully, almost affectionately; It seemed for a moment to review your thoughts for the last time and then stabbed deeply below the waist, on the left side and took the dagger slowly to his right side and turning it into the wound, gave a slight cut upwards. During this agonizingly painful operation he did not move a muscle of his face. When he drew his dagger, he leaned forward and stretched out his neck for the first time crossed his face an expression of pain, but never issued any regret. At that moment, the kaishaku, who had been watching carefully each of their movements, kneeling at his side, stood a jump and a second raised his sword in the air; there was a flash, an ugly blow, heavy, and a precipitous drop; the head had been severed from the body in one fell swoop.

“He went dead silence, broken only zor the horrible noise of the blood that gushed from the inert lump in front of us, which only a moment before had been a brave and chivalrous man. It was horrible.

“The kaishaku bowed deeply, wiped his sword with a piece of paper prepared for that purpose, and retired from the raised floor; and bloodstained dagger was solemnly removed, as bloody proof of the execution.

“Then the two representatives of the Mikado abandoned their sites and crossed to where the foreign witnesses were sitting; He asked us to testify that the death sentence had been fulfilled Zenzaburo Taki faithfully, we left the temple ceremony finished. “

The best films of samurais

Samurais are already a representative symbol of Japanese culture.This impressive class of warriors who ruled Japan for hundreds of years, are the source of inspiration for many filmmakers to capture the Japanese history in interesting films full of action, drama and especially Japanese culture traditional. So to honor this genre, then see a list of the best films inspired by movie4k, these legendary warriors of feudal Japan.


The film is about a classic Japanese character known as historical film ” Zatoichi ” or “The Blind Samurai” , who despite not quite see anything, sword fight and handles like no other. This legendary hobo character goes through the villages, making a living as amasseur and betting on gambling houses without anyone knowing his true identity . On one occasion he meets a pretty poor and very hardworking lady, which eventually tells him that his people are being pressured by a clan of samurai who daily demanded “protection tax” people. Following that, the old Zatoichi meets other characters as “Shinkiki” (the nephew of Mrs.), and two “geishas” seeking to avenge his father. From then on , everyone will cooperate with Zatoichi to defend and end the evil that have hurt each.


This film was written, directed and starring  Takeshi Kitano , a celebrity in Japan that many should already know. It is one of my favorite movies have so many cultural action and show both aspects. Another interesting highlight of this film detail is that the cuts and movements with the katana seem much more real than many other works of the genre.

Kozure Ōkami

If you have to name a samurai films, Kozure Ōkami can not miss in this list. This film is about a samurai that being falsely accused by a major clan, he decides to become ronin or “masterless Samurai” and then take revenge on them. This film known in Spanish as “Lone Wolf and Cub” was filmed in 1972, and was based on a manga written by Kazuo Koike.

See also:  Kozure Ōkami, a classic of Japanese cinema

Gohatto taboo

In this 1999 film starring we  Ryuhei Matsuda , who personifies “Kano Sozaburo” a very clever young apprentice with the sword, which is promoted by a recognized school of fencing to better themselves and enter the samurai militia. This young man is taken into account quickly by his great skill, but besides that for its beauty and particular image, which triggers several disputes and confusion among many militia members.

This film from start to finish raises the issue of homosexuality and secret relations between samurais. We can see many characters that existed and are now part of the history of Japan, as the captainToshizo Hijikata , among other members of the clan Shinsengumi. It is an exceptional film, full of traditional environments unbelievable scenes filled the atmosphere of old Japan that attracts us.

Hara Kiri: “Death of a Samurai” 

Hara-kiri is an interesting film  Takashi Miike  (13 murderers director), which contains a wrenching and shocking drama. The film is about the situation of helplessness that took thousands of samurais after the arrival of Clan Tokugawa in 1603. Basically it isnot going in the same line as the other films mentioned, but no doubt is a compelling story of honor and revenge.


This epic that features the great Toshiro Mifune, was filmed in 1950 and was produced by Akira Kurosawa, one of the most famous film directors in Japan. Thanks to this masterpiece, Akira won great recognition in America and Europe. It’s a great film that despite having already his years and the quality is not as striking, is worth a look.

7 samurais

Speaking of classics, we have “The 7 Samurais” also  Akira Kurosawa . A film you should not miss if you like movies about samurais, watch here putlocker. The film focuses on a town of farmers who are constantly assaulted by bandits. The oldest member of the town, trying to find a solution, decides that somehow contracted a few samurais inorder to have protection and to defend the people.


Henceforth have to look for samurais who want to work will and “for art ‘s sake” say, because they are very poor and do not have to pay them more than a few handfuls of rice a day . It is simply a film that always will have its grand throne in the Japanese historical film.

Samurai Sword

“Samurai sword” (or Japanese known as Mibukishinden ( 壬生義士伝) is an excellent film of Yojiro Takita, which deals with a very poor samurai who choose to work in big cities away from his family, to earn more money and so to give a better life to them. once launched, it begins to improve your life and your family , but also has to carry against the difficult situations that puts his position as samurai in Japan difficult.

The last Samurai

A film inspired by the story of Saigo Takamori, which leads to a Japan of the Meiji period where newly arrived the western influences , and consequently the Samurais were gradually in the background.

Perhaps he did not have the expected reception in the West, but still has earned an important place among the most famous samurai movies. The cast is Tom Cruise , Ken Watanabe , Hiroyuki Sanadaand renowned actor Kabuki Shichinosuke Nakamura II .

The Twilight Samurai

It is a film Yoji Yamada, and deals Seibei, a poor samurai and very sloppy image for working so hard and devote daughters and senile mother more than himself. Which makes being criticized by his colleagues , to the point of being told that a wife is sought to care for his daughters and his mother , so he can devote himself to work and be more presentable. It followed that, you are presented with the opportunity of his life with love, to discover that the woman he loved, Tomoe, had already divorced her husband.However, his position as samurai puts many obstacles to get to realize the relationship.

Which of these films is your favorite? Like the samurai cinema?