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Born to be alive, a video game to play!

Fear of giving birth? Not serious, as of January 2013 we can simulate our delivery on the site Mid-Atlantic OBGYN. Specifically, we can “play” to give birth, and this, in 3D ladies!

On the program the management of the contractions, the arrival at the maternity, the management of the labor then the delivery. Through the sequences, we can interact with our avatar Camille, choose her position during labor and delivery or what massages her darling does to relieve her.I am surprised that the extension “The Sims to Maternity” Has not yet been marketed …
Obviously, this program brings a lot of information on this great moment and is very pedagogical. This makes it possible to become familiar with the world of maternity and the unfolding of a childbirth.

Better than a preparation at birth? Certainly not since the program still has its limits: impossible to interact live with an expert, no sharing of questions / doubts with other future mothers, no practical exercise …

To make the best use of a computer, be it before, during or after your pregnancy, never forget to install yourself in a correct position.
Follow these tips:

  • Take regular breaks, and do not forget to take a few steps. A 10-minute break every hour is usually recommended, but do not hesitate to relax more often during pregnancy if you have the opportunity.
  • Install, adjust your chair and your screen so that the posture is comfortable. Your eyes should be on the same level as the top of the screen. Your forearms should be laid horizontally, the wrist straight and supple. Be careful of your back : it must be well supported , your feet flat on the floor or raised on a small footrest.
  • Arrange your keyboard, mouse, screen and working documents so that you do not have a glare or need to turn or bend your head to view the computer.
  • Consult your ophthalmologist if necessary. If you wear contact lenses, they may become unpleasant to wear during pregnancy, as water retention can alter the shape of your eyeballs. You may also suffer from dry eye syndromes. Wearing glasses to work on screen could help.

Good news for those who are afraid to give birth because Camille does not scream, the birth is done very smoothly, a bit like the land of bisounours