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English practice with your console

Sometimes, proposed on como aprender ingles em pouco tempo is a rather tedious and cumbersome task.

However, thanks to portable consoles, we can turn this task in a pleasant and fun activity. With the added value that we can use it whenever and wherever we want. There are many games that allow us to improve the mastery with language.Let us review some of them.

Training for Nintendo DS Inglés

The dynamics of this game is quite simple. When we start playing is assigned a virtual teacher who will guide us through all the exercises and activities that we propose the console.Before you start playing, we performed a test to know our level of English and, from there, a wide range of possibilities that will help us improve our knowledge of English opens.

This game has been approved by the body Inglés Testing Service (ETS), which manages the same test TOEFL and TOEIC .

My expert in English for Nintendo DS

It’s another simple game dynamic. To start playing, we are required by a placement test to determine the level of English we have. By creating our profile, we will propose a series of daily challenges in different language areas such as grammar or spelling. By completing all activities, recommended we stop the game until the next day, helping the brain to retain what they have learned.

Practise Inglés for Nintendo DS

It is similar to the previous two, with the difference that incorporates more visual Practise Inglés minigames that make it even more enjoyable game.

English for beginners easy for Nintendo DS

While the three games discussed above are aimed at users who already have some knowledge of the language and aimed to strengthen and refresh their knowledge, this game is designed for people who have very basic knowledge of English.

The game is divided into four areas with four levels of difficulty each. Upon completion of each level, a timed test that capture the knowledge gained is proposed. Once you have passed all levels, you will have to pass a final test.

PlayEnglish for PSP

It is probably the most graphic game of the four that have been proposed. This game for the portable version of the Play Station is a whole adventure in which the player must demonstrate his knowledge with the English to go solving mysteries and go forward in the game.