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Fun with the coffee machine that prints the faces of the players

Technology expanded its presence in the most famous and oldest tennis tournaments. A machine “print” on coffee foam face who drink it.

With absolute certainty arguably he became the Wimbledon tournament world’s most prestigious tennis. Not only for being the oldest of all events, but as a Grand Slam that achieves a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.
Among the technological advances that have come to the tournament this year, one of the most popular has been the coffee machine rental for offices that “prints” in the foam face of those who drink it.
This system meant that fans are oriented towards the popular drink, not only to enjoy but also to gloat displaying the image to be drawn on the contents of the glass. Other bars appealed to this technology and in those cases are different types of drawings that appear on the surface of the coffee. But the bet was beyond Wimbledon.
And like the other alternatives, the machine Lavazza company not only serves the faces of customers, but any image that is loaded into the system previously.
This way fans can drink coffee style “Roger Federer”, “Novak Djokovic” or any tennis star of their choice.