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It makes me a coffee, and Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo made a mistake with Wii brand . Perhaps might sound outrageous phrase seeing the overwhelming numbers of console sales, figures have given to the white box, against all odds, half the current market desktop, but I’m not talking about that, of Indeed, they are concepts that can coexist.

Look at the names of previous machines Company: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Nintendo , Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Gamecube have always been associated with the name of the company.That detail created affiliation, community, followers of one generation to another. Wii has managed to get into millions of homes where there hasnever been a console. What is the problem? Most new users that acquisition related with Nintendo.

Do the test, Abandon few hours during holidays in a mall. You will remain amazed with phrases like this by the majority of customers looking for a console or video game: ‘How much is a Wii, and Nintendo? Where are the Nintendo games? No, not the Wii, the Nintendo ‘ . You guessed it , the novice user, father, grandmother, have in mind that Nintendo is equal to DS, DSi, DSi XL or 3DS and Wii is … something else.


Within minutes the Nintendo conference will begin at E3 2011 . Then it will be revealed the official name of what we know now as Project Caf├ę . Dismissing that name is Wii 2 or Wii HD (concepts that would not do justice to the supposed evolution that wants to represent the new invention) the company Kyoto will have to make an extra effort for the millions of new players emerged under Wii continue associating both machines, remain potential customers.

Perhaps it is logical that Wii was presented at the time as something new without past because of the results downward Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. A clear case in that sense we have with SEGA , who disassociated his mark Dreamcast to bad harvested for fame in previous years (Mega CD, Megadrive 32X) will not hurt the way that stupendous machine. What was the problem with SEGA ? Then whoever bought that game was the regular player, so it was impossible to fool with that ruse. Yes, Dreamcast unfairly he paid for past sins.

If Wii and Project Cafe have a link, Nintendo would save millions on advertising.Half the work would be done. You may see the time to rectify and re-associate with Nintendo video games as happened in the late 80s and early 90s The problem this time is that the potential audience may only have the Wii at home, perhaps a Nintendo DS or PSP for children. How do you re-capture the attention of those millions of buyers? How will you say, ‘we are the same as before, trust us again’ .Perhaps thanks to a mustachioed plumber and is like family.

┬┐Nintendo redeem its own name as a trademark? Would that be a new signal to players of all life? But if so how then you keep newcomers? Would it be enough to pull pets and celebrities? We will leave doubts soon as I go to prepare a reviews of espresso machines.