Samurai Warriors - State of War
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Arm yourself with classic Japanese weaponry and face relentless forces in massive combat. Set amidst Japan’s most volatile era, Samurai Warriors®: State of War gives you control of famous samurai and legendary ninja, and engages you in an ever-unfolding war.

  • Includes all 19 fighters from Samurai Warriors and Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends®.
  • Strategy maps include terrain and features that create new tactical opportunities.
  • 37 Stages across 22 maps created exclusively for PSP. Battle in open plains or deadly castles.
  • Competitive multiplayer Vs. challenges for up to 4 players via wireless connection (ad hoc).
  • Wide-screen action uses the PSP’s full display, plus an option to toggle maps off.
  • All-new stories take you to open battlegrounds and mysterious trap-laden castles.
  • Expanded biographies of real samurai.