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The best films of samurais

Samurais are already a representative symbol of Japanese culture.This impressive class of warriors who ruled Japan for hundreds of years, are the source of inspiration for many filmmakers to capture the Japanese history in interesting films full of action, drama and especially Japanese culture traditional. So to honor this genre, then see a list of the best films inspired by movie4k, these legendary warriors of feudal Japan.


The film is about a classic Japanese character known as historical film ” Zatoichi ” or “The Blind Samurai” , who despite not quite see anything, sword fight and handles like no other. This legendary hobo character goes through the villages, making a living as amasseur and betting on gambling houses without anyone knowing his true identity . On one occasion he meets a pretty poor and very hardworking lady, which eventually tells him that his people are being pressured by a clan of samurai who daily demanded “protection tax” people. Following that, the old Zatoichi meets other characters as “Shinkiki” (the nephew of Mrs.), and two “geishas” seeking to avenge his father. From then on , everyone will cooperate with Zatoichi to defend and end the evil that have hurt each.


This film was written, directed and starring  Takeshi Kitano , a celebrity in Japan that many should already know. It is one of my favorite movies have so many cultural action and show both aspects. Another interesting highlight of this film detail is that the cuts and movements with the katana seem much more real than many other works of the genre.

Kozure Ōkami

If you have to name a samurai films, Kozure Ōkami can not miss in this list. This film is about a samurai that being falsely accused by a major clan, he decides to become ronin or “masterless Samurai” and then take revenge on them. This film known in Spanish as “Lone Wolf and Cub” was filmed in 1972, and was based on a manga written by Kazuo Koike.

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Gohatto taboo

In this 1999 film starring we  Ryuhei Matsuda , who personifies “Kano Sozaburo” a very clever young apprentice with the sword, which is promoted by a recognized school of fencing to better themselves and enter the samurai militia. This young man is taken into account quickly by his great skill, but besides that for its beauty and particular image, which triggers several disputes and confusion among many militia members.

This film from start to finish raises the issue of homosexuality and secret relations between samurais. We can see many characters that existed and are now part of the history of Japan, as the captainToshizo Hijikata , among other members of the clan Shinsengumi. It is an exceptional film, full of traditional environments unbelievable scenes filled the atmosphere of old Japan that attracts us.

Hara Kiri: “Death of a Samurai” 

Hara-kiri is an interesting film  Takashi Miike  (13 murderers director), which contains a wrenching and shocking drama. The film is about the situation of helplessness that took thousands of samurais after the arrival of Clan Tokugawa in 1603. Basically it isnot going in the same line as the other films mentioned, but no doubt is a compelling story of honor and revenge.


This epic that features the great Toshiro Mifune, was filmed in 1950 and was produced by Akira Kurosawa, one of the most famous film directors in Japan. Thanks to this masterpiece, Akira won great recognition in America and Europe. It’s a great film that despite having already his years and the quality is not as striking, is worth a look.

7 samurais

Speaking of classics, we have “The 7 Samurais” also  Akira Kurosawa . A film you should not miss if you like movies about samurais, watch here putlocker. The film focuses on a town of farmers who are constantly assaulted by bandits. The oldest member of the town, trying to find a solution, decides that somehow contracted a few samurais inorder to have protection and to defend the people.


Henceforth have to look for samurais who want to work will and “for art ‘s sake” say, because they are very poor and do not have to pay them more than a few handfuls of rice a day . It is simply a film that always will have its grand throne in the Japanese historical film.

Samurai Sword

“Samurai sword” (or Japanese known as Mibukishinden ( 壬生義士伝) is an excellent film of Yojiro Takita, which deals with a very poor samurai who choose to work in big cities away from his family, to earn more money and so to give a better life to them. once launched, it begins to improve your life and your family , but also has to carry against the difficult situations that puts his position as samurai in Japan difficult.

The last Samurai

A film inspired by the story of Saigo Takamori, which leads to a Japan of the Meiji period where newly arrived the western influences , and consequently the Samurais were gradually in the background.

Perhaps he did not have the expected reception in the West, but still has earned an important place among the most famous samurai movies. The cast is Tom Cruise , Ken Watanabe , Hiroyuki Sanadaand renowned actor Kabuki Shichinosuke Nakamura II .

The Twilight Samurai

It is a film Yoji Yamada, and deals Seibei, a poor samurai and very sloppy image for working so hard and devote daughters and senile mother more than himself. Which makes being criticized by his colleagues , to the point of being told that a wife is sought to care for his daughters and his mother , so he can devote himself to work and be more presentable. It followed that, you are presented with the opportunity of his life with love, to discover that the woman he loved, Tomoe, had already divorced her husband.However, his position as samurai puts many obstacles to get to realize the relationship.

Which of these films is your favorite? Like the samurai cinema?