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The best music remix apps for DJing with your Android

You are with your friends in a little party that you have all ridden. There are drinks and food to satisfy a town. But something is missing and it is a bit of music to set that moment. Either turn that little party with friends at the Ultra Music Festival or just put some music in the background. Well your Android device can help you carry it out.

Within Google Play there are some good applications that can be used without having too much knowledge about mixing songs. A simple interface, two disks on the screen of your Android and easy-to-use effects. That’s how many of us are in the Google app store.

Of course, mobile dj Melbourne also have some more professionals for the most knowledgeable of the subject. In addition, an Android tablet with a music application can be perfect to turn a meeting with friends into a festival.

With these applications you can now become true professionals when you have to play music. We do not take care of the fact that from then on you are “the one of music”.

DJ Studio 5

e started with a well known one in Google Play and it is DJ Studio 5 . It is a very complete and easy to use music mixer. You have two discs in front and a good collection of effects like the distortion to give robot effect , small cuts, etc. It also has a tool to make loops and to equalize the song .

The interface is very careful so that it is easy to use at a glance. With a little time you will be able to mix two songs without much problem. Or at least, interlace two consecutive songs . Also say that it has themes to modify the appearance of the application. Everything to leave it to your liking.

Finally, something that is very surprising in this type of applications, is that it is completely free

Talking about DJ Studio 5 and not talking about this application would be unforgivable. A music mixer like edjing 5 deserves to appear in a compilation like this.

In this application we also find two discs ahead in which to put two songs and mix them. It has BPM settings, sound effects, loops tool and equalizer . The way to use the effects is very interesting since it is in a kind of “pad” where, depending on your finger, dragging it, for example, you can vary the effect. In the video you can see it perfectly.

But if I have to say what I like most about this application is the possibility of using both the music stored on our device and the one we have hosted on other services such as Soundcloud, Deezer, Vimeo, Drive and Dropbox . Very useful for those who have a huge amount of music.

Its most minimalist interface is also very striking. We found many animations to modify the song directly on the platter of the disc and all this helps that with a little time can be handled without problems.

Dj Mixer House

Finally, an application for lovers of house music . With DJ Mixer House Music we can create songs of the house genre from loops captured from songs. By default it has 10 audio files that we can use to create a song or just learn. Your developer says he will work to bring more in the future.

Its interface is comprised of 6 mini-players where we can choose the loop we want and play it so that it is repeated again and again. In this way and combining the different songs that the song brings you can create some other house song. I think it is a little short with only ten samples but for lovers of the genre it will give you a good time of entertainment.