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The good reasons to make a mask while playing games this winter

Fragile by the cold and perhaps more sensitive and stressed, our face demands relaxation for a few minutes. His cute sin: the mask that feeds his skin gently. The novices have many good reasons to do so.


To each his mask

The mask fits very well into the beauty routine because it is complementary to other treatments. Once a week, it diffuses into the epidermis a concentrate of benefits (moisturizers, radiance, tensors, exfoliators, etc.) in a few minutes. The skin assimilates with gourmandise and deeper the active ones than the conventional treatments. And it turns out once the mask “fell”.

Easy relaxation

One does not always have the opportunity or the means to offer a face care to the esthetician. At home, we take advantage of this “masked” break to enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing. Many brands offer masks to organic or natural assets of quality to improvise a spa “home made”. We welcome with pleasure this invitation to let go and relaxation. In her bath or comfortably sitting in an armchair, one closes her eyes and meditates. We listen to her breathing and relax.

Allied with other care

Discreet, the mask fits blithely into the beauty routine. It is done after a scrub once a week to oxygenate a little more the pores. A purifying mask will apply before its moisturizing care for example. Complementary, the mask will reinforce the action of other cosmetics by making the skin more receptive to these.

One can also enjoy the laying of his mask to perform another slimming gesture, such as making his palpate-roll thighs to prevent cellulite.

One moment detox

Aggressed and stressed by the pollution of the cities, excesses of food, alcohol or tobacco, facial skin deserves, like our organism, to be punctually a mini-cure detox. A detoxifying mask will rebalance the epidermis and erase the signs of fatigue.

For skin that is thirsty

Need a hydration bath? The moisturizing masks (in cream texture) relieve and bring an oxygen bubble to the skins torn and dried by the changes of temperature.

Applied in a thick layer and placed for 15 minutes, the active agents penetrate intensely into the epidermis that they fill and soothe. Regular use (once a week), the skin becomes more resistant and less reactive.

The trick that changes everything: for optimal hydration, you leave your mask in a thin layer overnight. It is indeed at night that the skin cells regenerate.

For asphyxiated skins

The skin that tends to shine, with combination to oily imperfections, need a purifying pilaten mask that removes impurities and controls shine. After 10 minutes, once or twice a week, the skin texture is refined and the complexion appears cooler and rested.

The trick shines: one boosts the effectiveness of the purifying mask by preceding it of a facial sauna. For this, the face is placed for 5 minutes above a steam bath, which will open the pores recommends a Caudalie wine therapist.

Against the dark eyes

More and more eye contour masks are out on the market. We appreciate their good-looking action that blurs the fine lines and smoothes the dark circles that betray our fatigue.