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Themed weddings: wedding in the field + very inspiring photos

If you want to make your wedding photographer happy, tell him that your wedding is rustic chic! since the visual impact is very grateful and differentiating.

We would all like our wedding to be special, original and unique, but when we started with the preparations, sometimes we ran into difficulties. The budget we have may not be enough, and we have to opt for a hotel or wedding hall, quite impersonal. There is also the option of going to specialized farms in the celebration of this type of events, but, besides that they are not usually cheap, the customization options in catering, decoration and other details are sometimes limited and, if we decide, still , make some more personal changes, the budget will skyrocket.


One option, which many times we do not consider or simply do not know, is to celebrate our wedding in a rural house or jacket. If we do not have any family member or friend who has a house in the country and is willing to let us organize the event, we can resort to a rural house. The crisis in the agricultural sector has led many rural houses are open for this type of celebration.

A wedding in a rural house will be much more intimate and personal. Usually only the house is rented, for the days that are needed, having to order the bride and groom of the rest: ceremony, decoration, catering … If you do not have much time or you just lack ideas, you can hire a professional, a wedding planner who It will take care that each detail responds to your wishes. With what you will save in the other details you can afford it!

Probably, an authentic house jacket, will not have an easy access, direct from the highway, you will have to take it into account when organizing both the arrival of the guests and the people who will work for you that day. Primordial, make a plan!
In any case, the ideal is to rent a house with enough rooms so that your guests can sleep there and do it, at least, from a day before the wedding. The price difference will not be much, and this will allow you to turn your special day into a special weekend, and you can enjoy more time of the company of your loved ones. The day before you can organize some activity in the afternoon, for those who arrive on time, a ride on horseback or by bicycle and, at night, organize the pre-wedding dinner in the same house, with fresh products from the land, and culminate the Dinner with a homemade karaoke or playing board games.
Ideally, this type of wedding will be held in the garden, so, depending on where the house is located, avoid the months of rain and cold, and those of excessive heat.

If the ceremony is religious, you can get married in the church of the nearest town, if it is civil, the best thing is to celebrate it in the same house. To mount the altar, you have all the facilities that nature gives us, a pair of trunks decorated with flowers and ethereal fabrics will be enough to create a charming atmosphere. For the attendees rustic wooden chairs, decorated with bouquets of wild flowers. The environment will do the rest.

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