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Top 5 games to get fit

The promises and resolutions for the new year coming have become a tradition in our culture. In this sense, almost all mortals in our country aim to achieve a particular achievement as a challenge to face with enthusiasm and expectations the next 365 days. Quit smoking, go talk to that girl that we like, finish us this game, be closer to family, pay more attention to children … and so endless proposals are irrelevant specify here.

However, there is a resolution that always sneaks into the Top Ten in our country: get in shape . And video games, how could it be otherwise, they can help us achieve our perfectly ideal weight. With this in mind, from VaDeJuegos we present some suggestions to lose weight with our console . If the routines seriously and perseverance are taken, these exercises can be as valid as any gym.Or at least, they can serve as a complement .

As always, we encourage you to enriquezcáis the text with your own contributions in the comments at the bottom of this news.

Zumba Fitness Core

Developer : Zoe Mode

Platforms : Wii, Xbox 360
Release : November 2012

The method Zumba is one of the methods of fitness that has grown in recent years. Its combination of traditional methods with dancing has caused a furor in gyms around the globe. And how could it be otherwise, the official video game has enjoyed similar success. Consequently, to get in shape in 2013, nothing better than his last delivery .

The game features 40 songs, 17 of which are brand new and exclusive to Zumba

The game features 40 songs , both classic and modern. 17 of which are brand new and exclusive to the Zumba method. The creator of Zumba, Beto, return with your favorite teachers: Gina Grant and Tanya Beardsley. And as news, we have the presence of Loretta Bates and Nicholas Logrea , and new dance routines, class locator, achievements and leaderboards in the version for Xbox 360 .

Just Dance 4

Developer : Ubisoft Paris
Platforms : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U
Launch : October 2012 (November WII U)

We must not forget that fitness is not the only method to lose weight with our consoles. Zumba’s success has shown that dancing is an equally valid method to burn calories . And if ours is just dance, leaving aside pure fitness routines, there is no better choice than the Just Dance series. More specifically, its latest installment: Just Dance 4 .

And of course, let’s not forget the Gangnam Style’s exclusive Just Dance 4

This fourth installment improves all aspects of its predecessors, eliminating what did not work. And as news, we have the new Battle, new unlockable mode routines for themes and, in the case of Wii U , the Puppet mode , which allows a player to change the dance routines at will with Wii U Game Pad. And of course, let ‘s not forget the Gangnam Style ‘s exclusive Just Dance 4.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013

Developer : Ubisoft
Platform : Wii U
Launch : November 2012

Having listened to dance and the combination of dance and fitness, it’s time to take a look at a game of pure fitness . Maybe the Wii U take us very little time.However, beyond the classic Wii Fit Plus is fully compatible with the new system of Nintendo , the new Wii U already has in its catalog with a great game for sports , specifically developed to take advantage of their unique characteristics.

The game features more than 125 exercises and 200 movements

This is Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 , final installment of the saga Your Shape, which debuted in Wii and whose last two deliveries have been exclusive to Xbox 360 and sensor Kinect . The game features 125 exercises and more than 200 movements . And we can create specific training plans based on our goals and weight. One option to consider if we have a Wii U at home.

Move Fitness

Developer : Coldwood Interactive
Platform : PlayStation 3
Release : November 2011

Those owners of a PlayStation 3 should not feel disappointed not to have a Wii U. And the Sony system also features a game specifically designed to develop fitness at home. It is called Move Fitnnes and, as its name suggests, makes use of the controls with sensitivity to movement PlayStation Move . In fact, we need two years to run smoothly.

With Move Fitness we can design exercise plans as we will be forced to exercise our whole body

As in the case of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 with Move Fitness we design exercise plans as force us to exercise our whole body . We can hit targets, propinar combos of punches and improve our times with the precision ofPlayStation Move . And as icing, we can compete with our online friends via PlayStation Network , or train together and compare who progresses more rapidly.

Nike + Kinect Training

Developer : Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios
Platform : Xbox 360
Release : October 2012

We close this special dedicated to fitshop review video games with an exclusive for Xbox 360 and its Kinect sensor. The guys at Sumo Digital , in collaboration with Nike and Microsoft Studios, bring us a very complete game, and adds an interesting element: the NikeFuel Points . For those who do not know, say that these NikeFuel Points are a unit of measure used to evaluate and quantify athletic performance .

We can track daily of our business and get personalized exercise plans

As we train more, we will accumulate more NikeFuel Points, which will help us to compete with other players and reach the highest levels in the leader board. Similarly, we can perform daily monitoring of our business and get personalized exercise plans . And all without taking a single command. Just with the movement of our body.

And you?
Do you use the console to ejercitaros? Do you Yourely on any of these games? Do not be corteisand share your experiences with us atbottom of this news.