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Video games and water. Weight Loss Diet

Video games used to lose weight is evident for any player. We all know the physical effort and mental that involves moving certain titles. But … what about the water?

Video games and Water , Water and video games, both are the best there is to get stay as a sylph. Do we want to lose weight, we want to be irresistible? Yes? Well aware of the output of the next – generation consoles, Xbox One and PS4  coming out on 22 and 29 November 2013. We bought the two, and a pack of games for each, and to start playing, I mean start the Daniel’s 3 week diet review .


Water and video games are two elements that can not be missing in our diet. The “scientific” explanation gives us the specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitationat the University Hospital of Burgos Sergio Fuentes. In therapy sessions, patients, those who have eating disorders, mobility problems, sprains, etc. requiring a rehabilitation process, they practice with video games.

The effectiveness of these therapies compared to conventional techniques, is almost the same. Fundamentally, the philosopher ‘s stone that speeds recovery of patients is their integration / fusion treatment . The fun motivates them to continue long – term treatment. Besides home they can continue practicing with their consoles.

I forgot … A group of German scientists has shown that drinking lots of water accelerates the process of thinning. And it does not hurt also eat a balanced way, and do some daily exercise.